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Mother Teresa’s Legacy: Under a Cloud

Originally posted on Quick Take – As It Happens:
Why this strange acceptance towards Christian fraud and contempt towards ‘Hindu’ India? Organized Religion, Organized Charity is Organized Fraud | Jeff Koterba Cartoon on August 30, 2010 other Teresa raised millions,…

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India’s Independence Struggle and Savarkar in Particular

I have written about Savarkar in several of my previous posts; see the comments to the July 2012 post for the list. But there is some further information that elementary historians much younger me should be aware of. The Indian … Continue reading

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My Parents

The image below is a photograph of my parents Their names are Bhalchandra Prasannakumar Kadam (better known as Bob Kadam) and Sudhira Kadam. Both of them died before the Internet came to India. My mother passed away a few days … Continue reading

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Diary Entry

13 Aug 12, 11:22 A.M. Indian Standard Time. The WordPress software is presently being updated. This is the first time in August that I can see a normal screen in my dashboard. I am also informed that all the browsers … Continue reading

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This nonsense certainly seems worth reproducing. It was published in “Hindutvameva Vijate” on 19 May 12. Sure enough, Nathuram Godse’s birthday is 19 May (1910). The present President of the Hindu Mahasabha is Himani Savarkar (nee Godse), daughter-in-law of Dr. … Continue reading

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Update on Manual Typewriters

When Indian manufacturer Godrej and Boyce closed down its typewriter production a year ago, it was announced on the web by Yahoo! and other news agencies that the manual typewriter is now dead. (See last post). However it appears that … Continue reading

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Savarkar, Hindutva and Indian Politics

Hindutva (a word coined By Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in a 1923 pamphlet) is generally understood to be a term used to describe movements advocating Hindu nationalism. The BJP, formed in 1980, took up Hindutva only in 1990 and Savarkar in … Continue reading

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