My Parents

The image below is a photograph of my parents

Their names are Bhalchandra Prasannakumar Kadam (better known as Bob Kadam) and Sudhira Kadam. Both of them died before the Internet came to India. My mother passed away a few days before the Gorbachev’s ouster as Head of the Soviet Union, and my father a few years earlier.

As I mentioned in a comment to my 27 Jul 12 post, my father was one of the police officers assigned to the Gandhi Assassination Case, but he left the police shortly afterwards. However, he remained the Secretary of the Police Sports Club, Mumbai, right up to his death. On account of the interest of the Mumbai Police, his obituary was published in some minor newspapers. He played regularly in the Pentangular Cricket Tournament, before the Ranji Trophy was instituted.

Coming now to my father’s professional life, he finally joined the Mumbai branch of the travel agency Trade Wings. After his retirement as a senior employee in 1974, the company gave him a five year contract as a consultant in order to organise their training programme. Trade Wings computerised its operations a little after his appointment expired in 1979. He was a rather successful professional, but somewhat short of distinguished.

My mother worked as an Office Assistant in the company of a family friend.


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