This nonsense certainly seems worth reproducing. It was published in “Hindutvameva Vijate” on 19 May 12. Sure enough, Nathuram Godse’s birthday is 19 May (1910). The present President of the Hindu Mahasabha is Himani Savarkar (nee Godse), daughter-in-law of Dr. Narayan Savarkar and niece of Nathuram Godse. I don’t know whether the blog “Hindutvameva Vijayate” actually represents the official viewpoint of the Mahasabha.


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  1. Namaste Coonalji,

    Can you please share some some sensible views to prove what I have written is ‘nonsense’?

    Waiting for a healthy discussion.


  2. On going through Mohinee Puranik’s blog, I notice that she is a member of the Hindu Mahasabha. I have written on the subject of Hindutva in my previous posts “Savarkar, Hindutva and Indian Politics” (02 Mar 11) and “BA-NA-NA-NA — Ay-yo! …” (06 Jan 11). My father was one of the police officers assigned to the Gandhi Assassination Case, though he found another job shortly afterwards. He was of the opinion that although Godse did have something to say, it did not justify a murder. What is more, it was Gandhi’s level-headed thinking, not Savarkar’s tantrums that got us our independence.

    • Thank you Sir. My effort was not to focus ONLY on Gandhiji’s assassination, because Nathuramji’s life and work is thought to be limited by Gandhi Assassination only. Nathuramji was a patriot, the reason and the way he killed Gandhiji, was only for country, not for personal hatred, without attachment. On the other hand, Gandhiji completely misinterpreted the Bhagwad Geeta and even he did not live the message he was spreading in the name of Bhagwad Geeta. Veer Savarkarji has disscused Gandhi’s confusing work in Gandhi Gondhal book very detail.

      Secondly, Brahmacharya experiments are totally wrong, if everybody decides to do such experiments they will need many women just like Gandhi needed. It can’t be acceptable in any society.

      Who gave independence is irrelevant here, and can’t be debated in comments. But Gandhi Gondhal is enough to understand blunders or intentional blunders by Gandhiji.

      Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha is proud of Nathuramji and we officially had tribute to him on his Martyr day.

      I agree, in any case, murder can’t be justified, but court gives the punishment considering the motive of the murderer. Still, Nathuram did not oppose argue for this case. So I don’t think we need to blame him till today. He got hanged for the murder he did not applied for mercy even. We today want mercy for terrorists, just because of Gandhi teachings which is wrong.

    • Finally, though I am in Hindu Mahasabha and my work is completely according to the policies of Hindu Mahasabha, my blog is personal and independent, not related to official blogs of Hindu Mahasabha.

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