My Blog’s New Look and other Web Developments

I received an e-mail dated 13 Oct 10 from the Windows Live Team stating that Windows Live Spaces is to close on 16 Mar 11. The timeline given by them is as follows:

  • Sep 10, end: On visiting Live Spaces you will be given the option to migrate to
  • Jan 11: You won’t be able to make changes to your blog, but still can migrate.
  • 16 Mar 11:Windows Live Spaces closes entirely.

I did not visit my space after my last posting until I received this e-mail, but the blog has now been shifted as per instructions, with the system generated “Hello World” posting marking the date.

There is another development at Microsoft which is causing a bit of disruption to the web at the moment. This is the Bing/Yahoo! merger which was announced in July 2009.The estimated completion date is 2012. In my last month’s blog posting here I compared the search listings of several search engines including Bing and Yahoo!. It can be seen from the table there that the listings of these two engines was, until a month ago, entirely different. At present, Bing shows roughly the same listings as before, while Yahoo! sometimes shows its old listings, sometimes those of Bing. Altavista, which now uses the Yahoo! engine, has also been affected. As I pointed out in a posting in Fropper blog in July 09, it is necessary to go into corporate history to understand the development of search engines. An up to date exposition of the theoretical aspects of web search is given in an on-line course by RalucaRemus (2009), but it seems that no wholly satisfactory algorithm exists, and a comparison of the listings of various search engines (previous posting mentioned above) gives the impression that there may be a great deal of human intervention in the creation of search listings.

This posting was originally intended to be the first after the “Hello World” entry, but before I could write it up, I read about Mandelbrot’s death and put in an entry here announcing it. Mandelbrot’s website still exists, but we cannot be sure for how long. Readers interested in his work would be well advised to download whatever they can from the site while they still can.

About coonalkadam09

This account was automatically created by my wordpress blog, which itself was transferred from live spaces. More information will be added here later.
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