Some Statistics on the Web

While preparing my postings
at another blog, I had to do an extensive search on some names. I tried it on several search engines and added my own name and that of a school friend to the list.
A table containing the number of pages listed by each search engine appears below:
Search Term Yahoo! Google Bing Lycos Term Mean
Zenith Bank 570,000 490,000 2,070,000 282,894 853,224
Coonal Kadam 38 129 5 7 45
Mark Jayaprasanna 24 91 14 4 45
Jim Ovia 41,300 18,900 17,000 2,399 19,900
Ban Ki-moon 27,100,000 4,240,000 44,400,000 1,455,759 18,935,165
Godwin Emefiele 825 5,560 661 152 1,800
Site Mean 5,542,437 950,936 8,897,536 348,241 3,301,561


When you go to the page , and turn to "Class of 70 35th Reunion on 19 November 2005," you notice that the names Coonal Kadam and Mark Jayaprasanna both appear on the page. This page appears in the Yahoo!, Bing and Lycos search listings for Coonal Kadam but not for Mark Jayaprasanna. Neither of these individuals has anything to do with the Cathedral and John Connon School Alumni Association! 

The ranking, in ascending order, of the mean over sites of the number of pages for each search term is:

Zenith Bank Coonal Kadam Mark Jayaprasanna Jim Ovia Ban Ki-moon Godwin Emefiele
5 2 1 4 6 3


Every individual search engine considered gives the same ranking, except for Bing, which lists Coonal Kadam as 1 and Mark Jayaprasanna as 2. This is possibly because of differences in the minimum PageRank considered by the search engines. It would be pointless to attempt any further statistical analysis, since the linear correlation between the various search engine outputs obviously is poor.

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This account was automatically created by my wordpress blog, which itself was transferred from live spaces. More information will be added here later.
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