Talking about First day in London



First day in London

From dublin to London is just like from Kunming to Beijing. Different style, I like both of them, but prefer to live in a big city. People are nice, food are OK. There are promotion everywhere. HM, ZARA, almost all the summer clothes are aroud 5£. In Boots, get 3 for 1 free plus 30% discount. Crazy.
London city are very huge and beutiful, I walked 8 hours in the city center today. I went to Backer street, where Holmose suppose to be living. And I visit the museum of Holmose, where all about their cases,blood, horrible but exciting.
by the way, I walked through a large china town, and had Jiaozi as my dinner, not bad. The only thing I am worried about is my 300£ burget for this travel….Money comes and goes, why goes so fast?
Anyway, nice day. plan for tommorrow: Oxford Colleges.

This looks sweet! But you should take a look at his other blog postings.

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